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A look into “Photo Moods”  I have been a hobbyist photographer since I was a young boy, many moons ago. I hope you enjoy delving into this, my newest website.  Clive Rowley

Thank you for finding this site.  This portfolio consists of eight galleries which at present have 30 images in each.  In the ‘About’ section I have tried to explain that I do not have a particular style of photography: my object has always been to cover many genres and present them in different ways, as I hope the galleries will show. It does have a ‘Sales’ section, but it is not intended that this is a commercial site in any way.  In the past I have had a small number of people who have seen photographs on my other websites and have asked for prints: I have done my best to oblige, and that is why there is this section should anyone ever feel they would like a print, and my contact details are attached.

There is a copyright on all these photographs, but I am very happy for others to use these images on the web, but would be grateful if I am informed. But I’m happy to do this at no charge; my reward would be if people came to view and hopefully enjoy this website.

I will be adding more images to the galleries in time, so please return and check it out.

Clive Rowley 10 March 2012

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