The Photography of Clive Rowley

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The JustMono Gallery, named after two of my websites, and  The original was created in 2003, but later completely redone with new images and several contributors. Then came with ‘journeys’ in monochrome. Some of the images here have appeared on those websites, while others have not been seen before.  As in all these galleries, the presentation is of a ‘long gallery’ where the whole gallery may be reviewed by scrolling up and down the page. I aim to have 30 images in this gallery to start with.

101 The Moon and Vapour Trail: infrared in daylight

102 Statue at Night lit by Security Light



103 Ivy in Winter (Infrared)

104 Wheelbarrow

105 Old Kettle

106 Llanddwyn Island

107 Croxden

108 Light and Shadows

109 Bath Abbey

110 Bath Abbey

111111111  Rose

112  Poppy

113  Bonifacio

114 Betws-y-Coed

115 York Minster

116 York Abbey Ruins

117 Highgate Cemetery

118 Highgate Cemetery

119 Highgate Cemetery

120 Highgate Cemetery

121 Old Joanna

122 Villefranche

123 Crossed Swords

124 Gardening Gloves

125 Judas Tree

126 Croxden Abbey

127 Croxden Abbey (Ruins)

128 Hands and Arms

129 Hands and Arms

130 “You Wanna Come In?”


Gallery 1