The Photography of Clive Rowley

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This gallery is a little strange and concentrates mainly on walls, hoardings, churchyards, worn out old posters in Stoke-on-Trent and Nottingham. I suppose most could be described as ‘found objects’ or even ‘objects trouvées’ if I wanted to sound a little pretentious (moi?). They were all taken about 9 years ago, in 1993, and I think half film, and half with my first digital camera, a Canon G2.  Some are ‘straight’ while others have had a touch of manipulation in Photoshop. All are presented in Black & White. Please scroll down to view the gallery as a whole.


601 Bacardi Breezers

602 Undecided

603 Superbikes

604 Old Gravestone

605 Friday 13th

606 Left for Rich

607 Ridgway Graves

608 United Nations

609 Methadone

610 Nottingham Composite

611 Album Launch

612 Big Boy

613 Polysexual

614 Boy Bands

615 Cracked Gravestone

616 Obstacle

617 Torn Posters

618 Record Release

619 Big Boy

620 Torn in Half

621 Juxtaposition

622 Reef

623 Two for One

624 Skull & Cross Bones

625  Wheel Hub and Plastic Cups

626 The Event of the Year

627 Victorian Grave

628 Grave Relief

629 Tyson

630 Fallen Urn


619 Another Big Boy


Gallery 6